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Eglasstrek In 1978, the company EGLASSTREK Patent Promotion & Awarding GmbH was established in West-Germany by Diether Böttger who had worked 22 years in Schott in various different plants for Glassfiber, Tubing, Technical and Optical Glass.

For glass applications like Optical Filter, STN and TFT display which are produced by different processes to manufacture Thinsheet Glass as well as for Gob process for table and kitchenware, EGLASSTREK has delivered Platinum Systems to customers especially to Japan and U.S.A.

The company was specialized for licensing patents and developed and engineered Platinum Equipment for feeding and homogenizing molten glass.

EPT 100 EGLASS Platinum Technology GmbH (EPT) was found in Buchholz near Hamburg, Germany by Michael Böttger and cooperated with Eglasstrek for the next 7 years.

The company has registered the trademark DHPS® (Direct Heated Platinum Systems) in 1995 first in Germany and 2014 worldwide.

Based on customer request, EPT started to design the peripheral machines and equipment for the DHPS® systems and to offer, fabricate and install the tailor made scope of supply. The DHPS® machines and equipments used to manufacture glass substrates for the display industry (incl. STN, TFT, PDP), heat resistance laboratory glass as well as high quality crystal glass, stemware and automotive lenses have been mainly supplied to Asian and European customers at that time.

EGLASS EGLASS Group (EG) was formed with offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai has delivered DHPS® and turnkey projects to more than 45 companies over a period of 40 years in the glass industry.

EG has also researched and developed own technology, resulting in proprietary IP (Intellectual Property) consisting of patents, trademarks and know-how, which underline the company’s technology competence.

EG has a record of servicing and delivering DHPS® production equipment and turnkey projects (total solution) for manufacturing of display glass, pharmaceutical packaging and other applications mainly to Asian customers.



 EGLASSTREK found near Frankfurt and provided engineering, design and patent awarding of platinum systems and other solutions for the glass industry


 EGLASS Platinum Technology GmbH established in Hamburg and supplied engineering, design and fabrication of DHPS® (Direct Heated Platinum Systems) for conditioning and feeding of molten glass


EG opens first Asian office in Hong Kong


 EG provides turnkey projects (total solution) for Display Glass (STN, TFT, PDP + CG) and Tubing (Boro 5.0)


EGLASS International registered in Hong Kong


EG opens second Asian office in Taipei


EGLASS Taiwan Ltd. established, provides sales, fabrication, R&D and Service for DHPS® systems.


EGLASS opens first office in Shanghai


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